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Adjustment of tablet press

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Adjustment of tablet press

These tablets have different dose requirements. The maximum dose is adjusted by the die diameter of the handle, and the minimum dose is adjusted by the hole depth of the intermediate die.

The dosage of a drug shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of the prescription and the pharmacopoeia and may not be changed. Pressure is also required during the stamping process, which will also affect the actual thickness and appearance of the sheet. Pressure regulation is essential in stamping process. This is achieved by adjusting the flow rate in the die hole.

Adjustment of filling depth (adjustment of tablet weight)

Loosen the butterfly screw and loosen the gear plate. Turn the bottom set gear to the left so that the bottom impact lever rises, reducing the filling depth (reducing the weight of the pill). After adjustment, press down the tooth plate and tighten the butterfly screw.

Pressure adjustment (sheet hardness adjustment)

Tighten the lock nut, turn the batching machine and turn left to make the batching machine move downward, increase the pressure and increase the hardness of the extrusion sheet; On the contrary, on the right, the pressure goes down, the hardness goes down. From this moment on, the adjustment of the mold is basically completed. The engine pressure test is more than ten pieces, check the weight, hardness, surface finish and other qualities of the tablets. If qualified, can produce. During the production process, the quality of tablets should be checked at any time, and timely adjustment.


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