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Adjustment of the CAM of bubble cap machine

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Adjustment of the CAM of bubble cap machine

Valve CAM on the shaft of the installation sequence: from inside to outside in turn for traction clamping cylinder CAM, cylinder CAM stop, molding blow CAM and molding cylinder CAM. When the return position of the heat sealing CAM linkage in the heat sealing die is very low, the valve CAM shall be installed according to its position.

Traction machinery in the CAM traction clamping cylinder control valve slightly earlier than the CAM opened.

When traction machinery traction is static, the return of the stop cylinder is clamped.

After the molding mold and the blowing mold are closed, the blowing CAM opens the machine control valve, that is, blowing molding.

Forming cylinder rise should be synchronized with the heat sealing CAM.

Clamp of the general process is: traction after plastic sheet, plastic piece positioning cylinder to loosen, immediately manipulator to traction, manipulator in place after the stop, plastic piece positioning cylinder pressure plastic piece, forming cylinder and cutting up work, drawing clamping loosen, pulling back automatically, and cutting down to in situ forming cylinder, this is to complete a cycle.


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