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Advance cleaning of the capsule filling machine

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Advance cleaning of the capsule filling machine

The capsule filling machine is a special machine for capsule filling. It has direct contact with the powder, and its cleaning procedure will affect the quality of the medicine. After production, the filling machine should be thoroughly cleaned.

After production, first cut off the power supply, shut off the vacuum pump and air compressor.

Remove powder hopper, empty capsule hopper, cyst feeding plate, upper and lower template, capsular lock roof, etc. and send them to the cleaning room for cleaning. Soak with water first, reoccupy brushs clean with wool brush, rinse with water, wipe the water of surface with towel or place in oven to dry.

Clean the surface of the machine and the outlet with wool, and then wipe the surface of the machine, the outlet, the control panel and the electrical dust with towel.

Wipe every concave and convex part outside body with towel.

Remove the top cover of the vacuum pump, take out the filter powder cloth bag, clean the powder in the cloth bag, send it to the cleaning room and clean it according to the standard cleaning procedure of the container. After cleaning, screw it out, put it into the oven for drying. After drying, it is put back into the vacuum pump for use.

After wiping the parts and the outside, wipe them with pure water, and then wipe them with 75% ethanol for disinfection.

After cleaning, fill in the cleaning record. Report to qc inspector for inspection, after qualified, the equipment has been hung clean brand.

If the equipment is not used for one week after cleaning, the filling machine should be cleaned again according to the cleaning procedure, and the production can only be carried out after meeting the technical hygiene requirements.


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