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Advantages and development of blister packaging Machine

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Advantages and development of blister packaging Machine

The excellent barrier performance of blister packaging is due to its choice of raw materials, aluminum foil and plastic hard sheets. The aluminum alloy housing adopts high density metal crystal structure, which has good barrier property and light resistance. Blister packaging has the advantage of being easy to carry over compared with bottled medicine, reducing the contamination caused by the product during transportation and use. In addition, blister packaging has obvious advantages in gas, barrier, moisture penetration, health and safety, high production efficiency, accurate dose, and prolongs the service life of the product.

Another advantage of blister packaging is the automatic packaging process, which ensures the safety of drug packaging. The automatic blister packaging machine includes blister forming, drug filling, sealing, folding, manual insertion, blister packaging, carton sealing and other processes, which are completed at one time to ensure safety and health. In addition to the high degree of automation, the advanced model is also equipped with a variety of safety testing equipment, including box identification, testing and instructions for use, which can significantly improve safety and hygiene, effectively reducing drug mispacking.

However, the development of aluminum-plastic blister packaging machinery is still facing many challenges, the market competition is increasingly fierce, the enterprise product value of technological innovation, increase research and development efforts, in order to make the aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine equipment in many equipment to stand out, so that the aluminum-plastic, aluminum-aluminum blister packaging industry sustainable development, thriving.


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