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Advantages and disadvantages of blister packaging

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Advantages and disadvantages of blister packaging

Blister packaging is one of the most widely used and fastest developing flexible packaging materials in pharmaceutical industry, and also the main packaging form of solid drug dosage form in China. It has strong gas sealing, excellent moisture resistance, good oil resistance, drug resistance and solvent resistance, excellent resistance to oxygen, water vapor, carbon dioxide gas in the air, can meet the special requirements of drug bubble packaging.

The use of aluminum foil as the substrate, the surface should be clean and shiny, good printing suitability, can be firmly coated with heat sealing coating, to ensure that the melt of the heat sealing coating, the substrate and bubble cover can be closely combined. Aluminum foil is non-toxic, tasteless, has excellent electrical conductivity and shading, has high moisture resistance, gas resistance and taste protection, can most effectively protect the packaged drugs, is a kind of packaging material has not been replaced, no matter what kind of steam gold film, or special film coating can not completely replace aluminum foil.

However, in the process of opening the aluminum foil, it will break from the middle, and then after extrusion and bending, it will become irregular and affect the appearance, especially the circular bubble cover packaging.


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