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Advantages of blister packaging products

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Advantages of blister packaging products

It is a packaging method that seals the product between the blister layer and the bottom plate of the transparent plastic film, which is composed of the base material, cardboard, film or plastic film, aluminum foil or its composite material. Typical process flow: plate heating, film forming, item filling, substrate substrate, heat sealing, cutting and trimming. Material: plastic board, base material, coating material. Blister packaging is a unique packaging, blister packaging is easy to have automated assembly line or production, but the need to replace the mold, suitable for mass production of fewer packaging varieties, blister packaging beautiful, can improve the value of goods.

Blister packaging is used to prevent moisture absorption and invalidation of the items in the package to ensure that the quality of the items is stable, that is to say, the packaging material has a good barrier performance to prevent the increase of water or the loss of the items themselves. Food, medicine, including fiber, leather and other organic products.

Desiccant is used in the packaging of a certain method, the moisture in the package absorbed to the package, and the moisture placed outside the package, in order to reduce the growth of moisture in the package, extend the storage time of the package, in order to achieve the purpose of moistureproof. Drying method has two kinds: static drying: packing and load a certain quantity of desiccant bibulous, his influence on humidity depends on packaging materials, the nature of the desiccant and the number in the package size is usually small package is within a time limit and dynamic drying: packaging, and reduce the wet air packaging machinery after drying dehumidifying, wet air relative humidity control in the packing is dry, suitable for large box packing for a long time, are typically packaged goods is easy to corrosion of the metal, easy to moisture absorption of fertilizer, cement, powder, etc.


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