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Advantages of blister packaging

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Advantages of blister packaging

Aluminum foil blister packaging, also known as blister packaging, is a new type of solid packaging. After the plastic has hardened, the plastic, tablets, capsules and dense medicine are first put into the hole, and then glued together with hot aluminum foil to form a separate sealed package.

At present, there are a lot of solid drugs are packaged with glass, although can avoid light, moistureproof, anti-oxidation, but the packaging capacity is large, technical content is not high. For wonder drugs, this traditional form of packaging failed to protect against moisture and mold, which led to the rapid withdrawal of large bottles of brown glass from the market in recent years. Compared with bottled drugs, the advantages of foam packaging are easy to realize, which can reduce pollution and drug abuse leading to obvious advantages in the process of implementation in gas and foam packaging, prevention, waterproofing, health and safety, production efficiency, accurate drug use dosage and extension time, etc.

The excellent inhibition ability of blister is determined by its choice of raw materials aluminum and hard plastic. The aluminum alloy shell adopts high density metal crystal structure, and has good shading performance. Plastic debris must be able to block oxygen, carbon dioxide and steam, be highly transparent, and have a low mechanical strength that does not crack easily. The popular mouthwash packs foam into plastics and POLYvinyl chloride. PVC has good compatibility, easy to shape and seal, low price, high transparency, obstacles and mechanical strength can basically meet the requirements of medicinal materials packaging, but humidity and constant temperature ability is poor, high water resistance requirements for drugs, PVC is not good.

High polymer density PVDC, high crystallization rate, high transparency, good heat resistance. PVDC membrane is now an oxygen inhibition membrane. The oxygen inhibition capacity of PVDC membrane with the same thickness is 1500 times that of PE and 100 times that of PP and PET. It stops steam better than PVC and is an ideal foam packaging material. PVDC and a variety of film composite materials or multilayer film, its oxygen permeability, water absorption, moisture resistance, barrier property is significantly higher than a single film material. The bubble of a kind of packaging material is a kind of vacuum aluminum film. It is a film in the vacuum state. Aluminum vapor is injected into the basic film, which is widely used in PET, CPP, PVC, OPP, PE, etc.

Aluminum foil also has good decorative properties, and is even one of the important directions of packaging materials in the future. Another advantage of blister packaging is that the packaging process is fully automatic, which can ensure the safety of packaging. The automatic bubble packaging machine includes bubble blowing, filling, sealing, carton packing, folding and inserting, carton packing, carton packing, and carton packing. The whole process is completed at one time, which is safe and hygienic. In addition to being highly automated, advanced models are also equipped with safety testing equipment, including box and identification testing guidelines, which can significantly improve safety and health and effectively reduce misdiagnosis.


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