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Advantages of tea blister packaging

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Advantages of tea blister packaging

According to the tea packaging of moisture, oxygen, light, incense and other performance of the strict requirements, after the selection of existing materials, experts believe that vacuum aluminized PVC film with high resistance can meet the above requirements. Aluminized high resistance film is a new type of high barrier film packaging material, the main advantages are certain sensory inertia and very low odor material permeability, transparency, elongation, rigidity, toughness, tear strength and resistance to continue to tear strength are very good, oxygen permeability is very low, water vapor permeability is also very low. And printing, sealing good. The substrate material can choose BOPP/AI/PE composite material, the outer layer of the material is bidirectional stretching polypropyl (BOPP), after stretching, molecular orientation, film transparency, luster and water resistance, water vapor transmittance and oxygen transmittance than polypropyl 50% or even lower. Only LDPE density polyethylene 20%. But the resistance of the film to continuous tearing is very low, as long as there is a small gap in the film, it is easy to tear it apart. The middle layer of the material is aluminum foil. Aluminum foil shading is strong, light and heat have a high reflection ability; Good barrier, impervious to gas and water vapor, good protection. The disadvantage of aluminum foil is that it cannot be stressed, has no heat sealing, has pinholes, and is generally not used alone. The choice of composite with other materials can completely solve this problem, and the advantages of the barrier can be better applied. The inner layer of the material is polyethyl, it is non-toxic and tasteless, has a very good heat sealing, its heat sealing is currently incomparable to other plastics.

The main packaging is to block the light, the scattered bubble cover packaging together, only the use of ordinary paper processing carton can meet the requirements. The structure of the carton can be designed into different shapes according to the aesthetic requirements. Carton size can be selected according to market needs, such as 200g, 100g, 50g and other different specifications.


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