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All kinds of classification of packing machine

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All kinds of classification of packing machine

1. Classification according to the degree of automation of packaging machinery

(1) Automatic packaging machine Automatic packaging machine is automatically feeding packaging materials and contents, and can automatically complete other packaging processes of the machine.

(2) Semi-automatic packaging machine Semi-automatic packaging machine is by manual delivery of packaging materials and contents, but can automatically complete other packaging processes of the machine.

2. Classify by type of packaging products

(1) special packaging machine special packaging machine is specially used for packaging a product of the machine.

(2) multi-purpose packaging machine multi-purpose packaging machine is by adjusting or replacing the relevant working parts, can package two or more kinds of products of the machine.

(3) General packaging machine General packaging machine is suitable for packaging two or more different types of products within the specified scope of the machine.

3. Classification according to the functions of packaging machinery. Packaging machinery according to different functions can be divided into: filling machines, filling machines, wrapping package machine, sealing machine, labeling machine, washing machine, drying machine, sterilization machine, strapping machine, machine, multi-function packaging machinery, packaging materials, packaging containers manufacturing machinery, and other ancillary packaging machinery packaging operation completed.

4. Packaging production line. A production line consisting of several packaging machines and other auxiliary equipment that can complete a series of packaging operations, i. e. packaging production line.


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