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Aluminum foam cap machine

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Aluminum foam cap machine

The aluminum plastic bubble cap packing machine refers to the advantages of similar foreign products, beautiful appearance, low noise, compact structure, smooth operation, simple operation, using the form of internal heating, PVC heating uniform, bubble cap forming is solid. Stop, boot does not exist bubble phenomenon, avoid the waste of packaging materials. Filling, blistering, heat sealing, printing batch number, plate blanking can be operated continuously, convenient installation, debugging and maintenance, small volume, low price, light weight, is the advanced aluminum plastic blister packing machine at home and abroad. The aluminum-plastic blister packing machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and automatic control technology of machine, electricity, light and gas integration, and is innovated in strict accordance with the requirements of pharmaceutical GMP standard. It has adjustable stroke, photoelectric matching plate with text and text, modular station structure, aluminum/plastic, aluminum/aluminum, aluminum/plastic/aluminum three uses. The machine is divided and combined, and can enter the 1.5m elevator and the divided purification workshop which has been decorated.

Aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine by PWC heating device to heat the PVC to set temperature, heated by positive pressure blister forming device will soften the PVC blowing into guanghua blister, then through feeding device filling pills, have into the litter of roller will be molded PVC blister with synchronous straight into heat sealing aluminum barrel corresponding the eye socket, again by heat sealing the drum roll aluminum foil and PVC heat sealing. After the typing blanking device, the product on the batch number and make the product molding.


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