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Aluminum-plastic aluminum-aluminum blister packaging machine

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Aluminum-plastic aluminum-aluminum blister packaging machine

DPP series plate type aluminum-plastic/aluminum-aluminum automatic blister packaging machine is the company according to the needs of many customers, comprehensive domestic and foreign aluminum aluminum and aluminum plastic packaging machine advantages of innovative design, development, trial production improved new products. It has a multi-purpose function, only need to change the mold can do aluminum aluminum and aluminum plastic.

Automatic bubble cap packaging machine is suitable for pharmaceutical industry packaging plain tablets, sugar-coated tablets, capsules, also can package small pieces of food, hardware parts, electronic components. The machine set coil open-book, aluminium or aluminium feeding, blister forming, filling material, waste recycling, aluminium or aluminium heat sealing, printing, batch number, net indentation, photoelectric detection of edition, section cutting knife, lack of grain (that is, is to identify the waste plate automatic function) is put forward, according to count, such as a dozen functions in one machine, packaging items, good seal, safety and health, Its performance and price are superior to similar foreign products.

This machine is our country medicine packaging technology improvement and the implementation of GMP production equipment, products have been sold to pharmaceutical factories and large, traditional Chinese medicine hospitals at home and abroad, well received by customers at home and abroad.


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