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Analysis of blister packaging machine

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Analysis of blister packaging machine

Aluminum-plastic blister packaging is one of the main forms of product packaging in the pharmaceutical industry. Most drugs made in tablet form go through this process before being repackaged and marketed. The working process includes forming and packaging all kinds of PVC tablets on aluminum-plastic board, suitable for all kinds of tablets, capsules, tablets, plain tablets and various types of tablets. In order to realize the high speed packaging of tablets of different sizes and shapes, the control system must have fast, accurate and coordinated control functions, but it cannot meet the requirements of travel switch and relay control. Using Mitsubishi's human-machine interface with PLC applications is a comprehensive solution to meet these requirements, converting complex contactor controls into PLC controls without requiring any major mechanical changes.

The blister blister packaging machinery structure mainly includes frame, preheat forming device, pneumatic unit and packing unit, PVC, aluminum foil rolling detection unit and aluminum-plastic film heat sealing unit, transport unit, the cutting location device, according to the mechanical device and USES, temperature control part is verified by a thermal sensor and an extension module, computing the control part code verification record by a photoelectric switch and thermal compensation sealing part is via a standard photoelectric color and mechanical drive and electrical control, the unit is composed of PLC and touch screen panel of the machine. All outer cover plates are made of stainless steel. The material in contact with the medicine is stainless steel, which meets the requirements of aesthetics and GMP standard.

The complete machine is powered by a motor engine and managed by continuous variable speed friction rotation, through a series of mechanical drives to achieve synchronous operation of all machine movements, this on hot bubble hood molding, batch digital printing, pressing tear line, traction plate, blanking plate, as required synchronous operation.

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