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Annual maintenance plan of bubble cover packaging machine

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Annual maintenance plan of bubble cover packaging machine

1. Check whether the electrical connectors in the electrical cabinet are loose.

2. Power on the device and check whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements.

3. Check whether the temperature controller on the operation panel works properly.

4. Equipment inside and outside clean, no dust, no falling products.

5. Replace the vacuum pump oil.

6. Add grease to the guide pillar of the lifting mechanism of blister, thermal bonding and knife plate, and replace the bearing if necessary.

7. Check whether the blades of crosscutting and slitting institutions are worn or not, and replace them if necessary.

8. Power test to check whether each operating mechanism works normally.

9. After maintenance, each control handle should be placed in a non-working position, electrical control switch, twist and so on to return to the "0" position, cut off the power.

10. Fill in the equipment annual maintenance plan form.


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