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Application of blister packaging in cigarette packaging

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Application of blister packaging in cigarette packaging

So far, carton packaging is the main type of cigarettes sold in the market. In order to prevent moisture, the cigarette case is coated with plastic film and lined with metal foil. Because did not take tight integral seal, moistureproof effect is not thorough. The quality of cigarettes decreased obviously with the extension of storage time. Additional, want to take out a cigarette only from inside current paper cigarette case, whole bag is sealed actually already opened, the rest cigarette all is in show buy state, not only moistureproof effect is lost because of this, and also unwholesome. Existing cigarette box packaging for more than 20, its large volume, inconvenient to carry, from the smoke, will inevitably touch, pollution of other cigarettes. For light smokers, a pack of 20 cigarettes can be stored for a long time, easily rubbed and broken, and can be unhygienic. There is a blister packaging method of aluminum-plastic plate for medicine, but this structure has not been widely used in cigarette packaging.

The utility model has the following advantages compared with the existing cigarette box packaging

1. Because of the fully sealed structure, it is not afraid of water immersion and moisture, and completely solves the problem of moisture-proof and anti-fouling, thus greatly prolonging the storage life of cigarettes.

2. Crush the aluminum foil can be taken out from any part of the cigarette, so it can avoid hand and filter part of the touch, to prevent bacterial pollution. After one cigarette is removed, the others are still completely enclosed and thus clean. This is especially true when exchanging cigarettes.

3. Through the transparent bubble cover, you can see the tobacco directly, which is easy to observe the quality of cigarettes.

4. Aluminum plate is hard, high strength, cigarette is not easy to break and damage.

5. Aluminum plastic board packs 5 cigarettes per board, which is small in size and thin in thickness, easy to carry and adopt small package. Each cigarette can be kept on the body for a short time and can also play a smoking cessation effect.


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