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Application of blister packaging in pharmaceutical industry

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Application of blister packaging in pharmaceutical industry

Medicine is a necessity of life, and pharmaceutical packaging is an important part of the packaging industry. The global pharmaceutical industry likes to use high transparency packaging and fixed dose packaging, pharmaceutical packaging design began to pay attention to human care and children's safety, can reduce patients taking mistakes. Among many packaging containers, blister packaging has the most potential for development. Blister packaging has the advantages of strong barrier, beautiful appearance, long shelf life, easy to use and so on. In addition, plastic bottles remain the most widely used pharmaceutical packaging container, accounting for a large share of the pharmaceutical packaging market demand, especially in Latin America, Eastern Europe and the developing Asia-Pacific region are growing at a rapid rate. At present, the plastic packaging of medicine in China accounts for about 1/3 of the total packaging materials market, will replace other materials to become the main packaging materials of medicine.

The demand for sterile medical packaging in the United States is growing at an annual rate of 5.4%. Among aseptic packaging products, the annual growth rate of thermoforming plates is about 6%, the annual growth rate of bubble packaging and blister packaging is 6.5%, and the demand for aseptic bags for medical use is 5.7%. In the use of materials, PVC is still the main material for the production of aseptic packaging, because the price of PVC is appropriate and the performance is excellent; The fly in the ointment is that PVC is not suitable for radiation disinfection and is not conducive to environmental protection. In addition, the current medical supplies packaging bags tend to use multilayer composite film to enhance the strength of packaging. In the packaging of large medical equipment and equipment, the use of hard and wear-resistant nylon material.


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