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Application of Omron in blister packing machine

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Application of Omron in blister packing machine

The difficulty of blister packaging machine lies in the servo control of forming and blanking, which is mainly reflected in the synchronous traction and control voltage of two engines. Servo control and the other two also should be synchronous motion control of time is as follows: in this case, the omron adopts two rotary encoder to detect rotation Angle of light and remove the traction motor, feedback signal to calculate channel, rapid implementation of two parts of closed loop drive control, precise control of the traction motor synchronization control scheme and tension control, in this case, the controller USES the omron PLC directly with four-way high-speed pulse download embedded control servo mechanism, traction perform molding, the precision and speed of protection, without increasing the GPS module, other cost savings for the customer. Although the engine position feedback signal is directly used to calculate the high speed channel introduction, through the rotary encoder of the Omron total 4 channels,100 KHZ and 50 KHZ phase difference/stage, form a closed position control, allowing synchronous control and pressure control of the traction.

Because Omron supports a variety of interrupt functions, the part with high real-time performance is placed in the interrupt program during the scheduling process, which greatly reduces the scanning cycle of the program. Rich languages such as instruction, operation, floating point arithmetic, and trigonometric function calculation instruction also facilitate programming.

Considering the short positioning time and high precision of Omron series servo system, the forming and stamping traction of bubble hood are controlled by servo respectively. Servo can also be connected to monitoring software, using omron operation, through a data, easily and quickly define parameters, real-time tracking performance in the process of operation, to help customers quickly and accurately identify problems in the event of failure.

Servo parameter setting is simple, setting parameters are roughly the same as stepper motor. Compared with the stepper motor, the torque is higher, and all Settings can be automatically completed by the servo driver. The Omron Blow-out machine touch screen is designed to allow a simple connection to Omron's image production equipment, thanks to its unique project library that supports multilingual switching to recipes, resulting in significant product development time reductions.

Omron also has a wide range of sensor products. For this application, Omron not only selects fiber optic sensors and is equipped with a color detection engine, which has the advantages of simplicity, safety, accuracy and high speed, but also USES fault detection.


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