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Application of servo in blister packing machine

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Application of servo in blister packing machine

(1) PLC pulse function is not strong. In many large or medium-sized PLC in order to improve the PLC operation speed, the high speed pulse output function modularization. There is often no high-speed pulse output on THE PLC CPU module. The servo has intelligent function, which can drive the motor without external pulse.

(2) During the operation of the equipment, there is a period of high speed pulse output by PLC due to the start of some interference sources, which makes the servo in the original system appear wrong action. Interference is a headache in a live environment. In the design of the system, the intermediate links should be reduced as far as possible, and the motor motion curve should be realized by using the programming function in the driver, so as to reduce the interference caused by external pulse in the transmission process.

(3) In order to make the positioning of the equipment more accurate, it is necessary to make the servo system respond faster to the color code signal. The original system is the color signal into THE PLC and then let the PLC control servo stop. But the ordinary PLC running cycle is generally about 20ms, this system because the program is more, the running cycle is 50ms. Then the error of the color calibration bit is unacceptably large. Using the fast capture input port of the servo to detect the color mark signal, the response time to the color mark can be increased to 64us, thus greatly improving the positioning accuracy of the servo motor. The positioning accuracy of the whole electrical part of the system is basically within 0.1ms.


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