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Application scope of blister packaging machine

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Application scope of blister packaging machine

Blow-cover packaging machine is suitable for aluminum, aluminum, paper, aluminum, aluminum and other materials of the packaging machine, using PLC computer control, man-machine interface operation, stepless frequency conversion speed regulation function, with a high degree of automation, advanced technology, complete functions, durable and other characteristics. The machine is widely used in various industries, such as medical treatment, liquid paste food, liquid paste supplies, cosmetics and skin care products, daily necessities, medicines and so on.

1. Drug packaging: hard capsule, soft capsule, tablet, pill, Danmi pill, Cordyceps sinensis tablet, sea cucumber, effervescent tablet, rubber pill, buccal tablet, ampoule, penicillin bottle, panax notoginseng powder, tablet, etc.;

2. Food packaging: milk slice, lollipop, fruit cake, bread, candy, Funny egg, donkey-hide gelatin, chocolate bean, skittles, bubble gum, scented tea, chewing gum, fragrant tea, etc.

3. Paste food packaging: ketchup, butter, cheese, chocolate sauce, salad sauce, coffee companion milk powder ball, cream ball, condensed milk, honey, olive oil, cooking oil, jam, freeze-dried slice, oral liquid, biscuit chocolate sauce, etc.;

4. Liquid paste products: condom, condom, condom, mouthwash, breathable film car perfume, mosquito repellent, cleaning liquid, washing liquid, hand washing liquid, washing bead, mosquito repellent, nursing liquid, essential oil, etc.;

5. Cosmetic packaging: Hyaluronic acid, essence, jelly mask, cream, eye mask, eye paste, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, eye cream, lotion, face cream, etc.

6. Daily necessities packaging: e-cigarette, smoke bomb, atomizing core, electronic components, antipyretic stick, antipyretic stick, cold compress stick, ice stick, filter cigarette holder, toothbrush, pad, acupuncture stick, memory card, 502 glue, battery, compressed towel, deoxidizer, desiccating agent, baby warmer, sanitary napkin, etc.;

7. Medical device packaging: Indwelling needle, heparin cap, syringe, syringe, infusion joint, clamp, scissors, tattoo needle, indwelling needle, artificial bone, eyebrow tattoo needle, gel tube, syringe, root canal file, conical file, pulp needle, pulp needle, beauty needle, metal needle, gel booster tube, atomizer, atomizer core, thrombosis cup, etc.


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