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Application scope of semi-automatic capsule filling machine

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Application scope of semi-automatic capsule filling machine

Semi-automatic capsule filling machine is a new medicine packaging machine with novel structure and beautiful appearance. Electromechanical and pneumatic devices, equipped with electronic automatic counting and speed regulating devices, can be used for separation of disposal operations, separation of capsule packing and plugging, replacing artificial packing, reducing labor intensity, improving productivity, and accurately filling doses according to medical and health requirements. The machine is composed of programmable control system, touch screen, continuous control of speed and frequency, and a set of pneumatic and electronic automatic counting control device, which can realize automatic separation, assembly and disposal of separation, filling and plugging materials. Accurate filling measurement, easy to operate. The fuselage and working table are made of stainless steel, and the products meet the requirements of NATIONAL GMP. It is suitable for filling medicine, health food, powder and granule capsule.

This product is suitable for small and medium-sized pharmaceutical enterprises, health products factories, pharmaceutical preparation laboratories, hospitals and other carefully built capsule filling machine.

The layout and locking functions of the spare compartment reduce the airframe and seat area, and have the advantages of beautiful and compact, conforming to the hygienic requirements, convenient operation, convenient maintenance, low energy consumption, economical and practical.

To work with only one or two personnel without the need for specific guidance from staff; The capsule alignment speed is fast, the dosage is even, the product qualification rate is high;

When different types of capsules need to be replaced, just replace the corresponding type of filling plate.

Scope of application: Semi-automatic capsule filling machine

It is suitable for filling capsules in pharmaceutical laboratories such as health product factories, small pharmaceutical enterprises, pharmaceutical scientific research units, hospitals, professional clinics, pharmacies, pharmacies and distribution stores.


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