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Attention to Capsule Filling Machine

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Attention to Capsule Filling Machine

When checking the machine or changing the mold, it must be rotated with the handle, and the debugging lever must be removed before rotation.

The filling machine is suitable for the filling of powder or granule pharmaceutical products, it is not allowed to fill with large pieces of material.

For manual operation, one person must operate.

In case of emergency, press the emergency stop button.

When the machine is working, if there is peculiar smell or abnormal sound, stop the machine immediately and find the relevant maintenance personnel to deal with it.

In addition to debugging and troubleshooting, the rest of the operation should be carried out under the condition of closing the four protective doors of the machine. It is strictly prohibited to remove the faults and foreign bodies in the machine with hands or tools when the machine is running. In order to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the production environment, the fault and foreign matter removal must be carried out after the shutdown.

No tools shall be placed on the surface of the machine and the panel of the electrical box. Special tools such as capsule needle, crochet needle, brush and so on should be placed on the special workbench to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

Operators should often observe the height of the powder layer in the hopper mirror, timely feeding, to avoid the automatic shutdown phenomenon caused by insufficient powder. At the same time, we should often observe the situation of sowing the capsule in the groove of the capsule plate and remove the defective capsule at any time.


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