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Automatic capsule filling machine delivery

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Automatic capsule filling machine delivery

NJP-800, the capsule filling machine customized by the customer, was delivered yesterday afternoon. Before delivery, the quality inspector of the company carefully checked the appearance of the machine, and confirmed the detailed contents such as the configuration of machine parameters and the special requirements of the customer, which have met the factory requirements of the equipment.

The appearance is visible in the following aspects: whether the mounting clearance of column and door is not standard, whether there is a lag after each CAM is installed, whether the positioning of capsule comb and upper die is accurate, whether the metering plate and aluminum frame correct the filling rod is friction-free, whether the clearance of upper and lower die is qualified, whether the pin position is accurate, etc.


Machine parameters and configuration: Confirm electrical machine configuration and the voltage, the screen content is in line with customer requirements and nameplate and logo stickers, rotary internal oil level is enough, capsule slider positioning seat and drive the CAM, sprocket, chain oil, machine more than 4 hours, the capsule of commissioning, capsule on the probability to achieve 99.99%, confirm the picking waste, lock capsule, the capsule, clean and inhale station work is ringing (speed the speed), vacuum cleaners, vacuum pump work is normal, no leakage, leakage phenomenon, location, capsule filling station, wheel location is no swinging, electrical box, line is neat, Check whether the tool box, steel wire pipe are complete, and check whether the mold and accessories are complete.



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