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Automatic detection of tablet press

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Automatic detection of tablet press

Automatic testing of tablet press is of great significance to ensure the quality of products. Some advanced tablet press has been able to achieve the preloading, the main pressure, average pressure, single die pressure values, packing depth and preloading into mould into depth and the main pressure on depth, preloading slice thickness, main tablet thickness, rotary speed and timely on-line automatic detection, the machine in the operation of each process, are in a state can be measured and controlled. The application of PAT process analysis technology, the production of various key parameters timely measurement, timely adjustment, timely correction of deviation, can ultimately ensure the quality of products. For example, according to the pressure feedback information in the tablet press to judge the unqualified tablets, remove the waste tablets. The tablet samples were randomly selected, the weight, thickness and hardness of the tablet were detected, and the signal was fed back to the control system for adjustment and control.

It is very difficult for the tablet press to realize the complete CIP in-place cleaning. The previous tablet pressing equipment can only realize the partial cleaning in the system. But with the improvement of the equipment, the advanced tablet pressing equipment can realize the online cleaning inside the machine, which not only reduces the labor intensity of people, but also reduces the human error.


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