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Automatic operation of tablet press

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Automatic operation of tablet press

(1) Check whether the tablet press machine source meets the requirements of working conditions, and whether the upper and lower compressors are wiped clean. The high pressure of the tablet press is adjusted to the high pressure required by the tablet press, and the delay time under the high pressure is set (generally 5 seconds).

(2) Under the premise that the power supply meets the requirements of the working conditions, the upper and lower indenters are wiped clean, the high pressure debugging is good, and the delay time is set well, the sampling spoon is used to take an appropriate amount of the grinded sample into the tablet box, and the tablet box is accurately placed in the central position between the upper and lower indenters.

(3) Open the main power supply and motor power supply, press the start switch, the indicator light of the start switch is on, the lower pressure head starts to automatically rise to the contact sample, start to pressurize and to high pressure.

(4) under high pressure, continue to hold pressure for 5 seconds.

(5) After holding the pressure for 10 seconds, the tablet press automatically returns oil, the lower press head drops to the initial position, turns off the motor power supply and the main power supply, takes out the pressed pattern, and the whole tablet pressing process ends.


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