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Basic conditions of blister packaging machine heat sealing

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Basic conditions of blister packaging machine heat sealing

There are many ways of heat sealing, about sealing packaging materials aluminum foil and PVC in the mesh drum and heat sealing rolling simple action, at the same time into the sealing state to form heat sealing tape.

The effect of heat sealing is determined by temperature, time and pressure. The ideal conditions of heat sealing should be low temperature, long time, high pressure, small deformation of PVC, clear and bright net pattern, crisp bubble cover, no serious compression and good heat sealing.

To shorten the heat sealing time, the temperature must be increased correspondingly, which leads to poor sealing conditions. In order to obtain ideal and satisfactory heat sealing effect, the method of adjusting heat radiation and pre-heating temperature to compensate time variation was adopted to obtain the ideal heat sealing property.

In order to facilitate the operation, usually in the sealing process as a certain value of pressure, mutual change is the relationship between the compression time and temperature, from the test, when PVC is 0.25mm, the relationship between temperature and time results is proportional.

The above conclusion: when the running speed is fast, the temperature value increases accordingly, which can avoid the adverse factors caused by high speed, and can ensure the qualified product rate of heat sealing. Because the sealed material in unit time, the heat is the temperature and compression time of the comprehensive embodiment.


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