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Basic structure of packaging machine

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Basic structure of packaging machine

Packaging machinery belongs to the category of automatic machinery, its variety, complex structure, new packaging machinery continues to emerge, it is difficult to classify their composition. However, through the analysis of the working principle and structural performance of a large number of packaging machinery, we can find out their common components. Packaging machinery consists of power system, transmission system and executive system. Packaging machinery is usually divided into the following components.

(1) Packing material arrangement and delivery system The system is to cut or arrange the packaging materials at a fixed length and deliver them to a predetermined station one by one, such as the packaging paper delivery and cutting mechanism in the candy packaging machine. Some systems can also complete the erection, shaping and positioning of bag-making or packaging containers in the process of feeding, and some filling machine feeding system can also complete the orientation, feeding and other work of the tank cover.

(2) Measurement and delivery system of the packaged goods This system is a system for measuring, sorting and arranging the packaged goods and conveying them to a predetermined station. Some can also complete the packaging of the goods, segmentation, such as beverage filling machine measurement and liquid material supply and delivery system; Biscuit packing machine biscuit sorting, arrangement and delivery system.

(3) Main transmission system The system is the packaging materials and the packaged goods from one station to the next station of the system. There is no transmission system for the simplex packer.

(4) Packaging execution mechanism This mechanism is the mechanism that directly completes packaging operation, that is, the mechanism that completes wrapping, filling, sealing, labeling, bundling and other operations. Such as candy wrapping machine before and after the push sugar board, copy cardboard, sugar tongs and kink hand and other institutions.

(5) Finished product output mechanism The mechanism is to unload the packaged products from the packaging machine, directional arrangement and output mechanism. In some packaging machinery, the output of finished products is completed by the main transfer mechanism or unloaded by the weight of the packaging products.

(6) Power machine and transmission system power machine is the prime mover of mechanical work, in modern industrial production is usually an electric motor. Transmission system refers to the power and motion of the power machine to the actuator and control system, so that it can achieve the predetermined action of the device. Usually by transmission parts, such as belt wheel, gear, sprocket, CAM, worm gear, worm, etc., or by machine, electric, liquid, gas and other forms of transmission.

(7) Control system The control system is composed of various manual and automatic devices. In the packaging machine from the output of the power, the operation of the transmission mechanism, the action of the packaging executive mechanism and the output of the packaging products are operated by the control system instructions. It includes packaging process, packaging quality, failure and safety control.


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