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Blister drug packaging safety

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Blister drug packaging safety

One of the major concerns of drug packaging is how to reduce accidents caused by children's exposure to or misuse of drugs. Statistics show that 30% of child deaths in many countries are due to accidental drug use. Some governments have even legislated to regulate all blister packaging of drugs because the packaging of such drugs is similar to that of many confectionery products.

It is understood that China's drug packaging materials are still inconvenient to access, ingredients are not stable and lack of children's packaging and other problems. Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration revised the management method of drug packaging materials and improved the safety standard of drug packaging materials. The new standards are formulated uniformly by the state. It will replace the past national, industry and enterprise three-level standards, in the product material, modeling and stability, and other aspects, put forward higher requirements. The drug administration will also regularly examine the impact of packaging materials on drug quality, draw up a catalogue of qualified products and publish unqualified products. Therefore, whether the requirements of policies and regulations or the needs of market competition, drug packaging material selection, packaging design should be fully considered safety issues.

In the future, with the in-depth implementation of GMP in China, the national requirements for pharmaceutical packaging industry are increasingly strict, drug packaging will gradually achieve standardization, meticulous, serialized, new materials, new technology, new process of continuous progress, will make drug packaging more convenient, safe, more in line with the requirements of environmental protection. Its comprehensive, practical, anti-counterfeiting is the inevitable trend of the development of drug packaging, but also conform to the needs of national policies, laws and market development.


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