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Blister forming problem

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Blister forming problem

Industry experts point out that the principle of forming bubble cover is that PVC hard sheet is heated by molding fuel and compressed air or vacuum to form the required shape and size of bubble shell. Therefore, when there are problems in bubble shell, the following aspects need to be solved:

PVC diaphragm material qualified or not; The temperature of the heating device is too high or too low; Whether the heating device surface is connected with PVC; Whether the mold is suitable, whether the mold hole is smooth, whether the porosity is unobvious; Whether the mold cooling system is normal and effective; Whether the vacuum degree and exhaust velocity of the negative pressure forming of the drum can reach the normal value and whether there is abnormal leakage of the pipeline; Clean and dry the positive pressure plate with compressed air, check whether the pressure and flow rate are normal, check whether the pipeline leakage is abnormal; Is the positive die parallel to THE PVC strip, no air leakage.

Hot pressure sealing problem. Experts point out that in the industrial process, the hot drum sealing coil and reticulated coil sealed by the plastic, PVC material and aluminum foil of the heat seal bubble cover are parallel, and the coupling effect of coil to coil is required under certain pressure and temperature. The contact between the hot sealing roller and the anilox roller is linear and the pressure required is relatively small.

In the process of heat sealing of aluminum-plastic blister packaging, PVC material and aluminum foil are heat-sealed in the same plane by parallel plate and reticulated plate under certain temperature and pressure. The contact between the hot seal plate and the reticulated plate is shallow and requires higher pressure. Whether on the coil plate or on the heat seal plate, when the heat seal net is not clear, the mesh is not clear, the heat seal problem exists.

In addition, if the above solutions fail to solve the blister machine packaging problems, the buyer can contact the manufacturer in time to make an appointment, looking for technical solutions or communicate with the manufacturer to solve the problems. This also reminds the buyer, in the selection of blister packaging machine, not only to consider the performance and quality of the equipment, but also consider the seller's after-sales service.


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