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Blister packaging and packaging

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Blister packaging and packaging

Although blister packaging and blister packaging belong to the same type of packaging, they have their own advantages and disadvantages due to slightly different packaging methods. Users can choose according to the actual situation:

Common features of blister packaging and blister packaging:

Generally speaking, the packing is transparent and almost all the goods can be seen.

Through the substrate design, the packaging can be hung on display in shopping malls and retail stores.

The shape of the substrate and fine printing can enhance the advertising effect of the product.

Goods with complex shapes can also be packed.

Can be packaged in groups.

Generally speaking, the cost of packing is higher than that of other packing methods.

Different features of blister packaging and blister packaging:

1. Packaging operation: Fit packaging is suitable for a variety of varieties and a small amount of production, no mold is needed. Blister packaging is easy for automatic packaging and online production, but the mold needs to be changed according to the goods.

2. Packaging cost: The price of blister packaging and blister packaging is lower, but it requires a higher proportion of labor. The bulk production of small and light products with blister packaging is more expensive than blister packaging; Blister packaging materials and packaging machine price general, especially for small batch, small, light goods packaging, the cost is relatively low.


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