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Blister packaging barrier testing

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Blister packaging barrier testing

At present, the overall barrier detection technology of packaging has been mature, but because the overall size of the bubble cover is very small, it is difficult to use general packaging overall detection accessories, and the strength of its aluminum foil layer is weaker than plastic, so the overall barrier detection technology has not been applied in the bubble cover packaging. However, in fact, due to the uniformity of the material adhesive coating amount, the heating and stretching rate of the material and the mechanical strength of aluminum foil, the oxygen and water vapor permeability of the actual bubble cover are higher than the calculated values based on the membrane sun barrier data. We have tested some drugs in the market using bubble cover package, and compared the actual barrier data of aluminum foil and PVC hard sheet or PVC/PVDC composite hard sheet obtained from some manufacturers, we found that although the barrier test data of packaging materials are very close, but the measured data of bubble cover can sometimes be tens of times different.

When we detect the overall barrier of the bubble cover, we complete the preparation of the bubble cover sample through special accessories, and use the isobaric method in the oxygen permeability test and the sensor method in the water vapor permeability test for detection. In the whole process of the test, special attention should be paid to the adjustment of the flow rate, so as to avoid the sudden rise and drop of the pressure caused by the drastic change of the amount of gas in the bubble cover, which will affect the state of the sample. In fact, the detection accessories used by the bubble cover can also be applied to the detection of small hollow containers such as capsules, which can easily expand the types of small samples that can be detected.

In addition, the detection of volatile drug components can refer to the organic gas permeability test method. At present, China has drafted the first international standard for the detection of organic gas penetration and passing rate (including container test), which is believed to provide an effective method for the penetration of volatile drugs.


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