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Blister packaging for aluminum foil printing

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Blister packaging for aluminum foil printing

Pharmaceutical blister packaging Aluminum-Doped Pharmaceutical Tablets printing process, capsule and coated paper industry pure aluminum, pharmaceuticals :PTP aluminum foil, aluminum foil coating machinery, gravure printing technology, standard method of the other end of the aluminum surface aluminum-plated and bonding layer process. The simple technological process is as follows: aluminum foil coiling - printing - drying - coating layer - drying - coating layer - drying - aluminum foil coiling. In the whole production process, the quality of printing mode and the surface resistance of heat sealant must be strictly controlled during the printing process to realize the adhesive layer of the protective layer, control the drying temperature of the speed and the coating voltage of the machine. Therefore, national medical standards for aluminum foil packaging have clear quality requirements for printed text surface properties of medicinal aluminum foil and the physical and chemical indicators of protective layer adhesion layer, which means that for the trade protection of medicinal aluminum foil, there is a good barrier, health and safety, heat sealing and good physical and mechanical properties.

In order to achieve the above required performance in the production of PTP foil printing coatings, it is necessary to be familiar with the performance of the raw materials used and pay attention to the following issues during the operation. 1. The raw material for PTP aluminum foil production is pure aluminum foil for industrial use. The general thickness required is 0.02mm. If the thickness of aluminum foil exceeds the required deviation, it will affect the amount of adhesive and protective coating, operators should pay attention. Standard tensile strength and rupture strength, clean and smooth surface, no wrinkles, no trace damage, no fluorescent film. Because of the penetration defects in the pinholes in the aluminum foil, oxygen, water vapor, and light can reduce or worsen the strength of the drug, the needle requirements are very strict. In general, the diameter of a medical aluminum foil needle is between 0.1mm and 0.3mm with less than one pinhole.

At present, the use of aluminum foil printing ink is mainly divided into two categories: one is polyphenolamine ink. Ink with good adhesion, dispersity, gloss and wear resistance, suitable for printing of all kinds of materials, and has good solvent release and softness, often used in plastic film printing. When used in the printing of aluminum foil materials, the excellent performance of the ink has been proved, in addition to the heat resistance, can also meet the requirements of aluminum foil printing. The other is made of special tin foil, ink is mainly composed of synthetic resin acrylic copolymer, vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate, with high chroma, high concentration, strong adhesion to aluminum foil, high transparency characteristics. However, solvents are capricious because the printed aluminum foil used for photocopying is used for medical purposes and the ink may dry deposit in roller printing, so the necessary pretreatments are necessary to deposit and freeze the ink. The method includes stirring or increasing the temperature of the ink deposited in the freezing process. If the ink storage time is too long, the ink will precipitate, leading to more resin solution above, more paint below, bright above, dark below, should be stirred before use.


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