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Blister packaging for other test items

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Blister packaging for other test items

Blister packaging to ensure the sealing and independence of each bubble shell, it should ensure the good heat sealing, otherwise, when the drug from one of the bubble shell taken out, the remaining bubble shell is easy to leak and break, leading to water loss, drug deterioration and even diffusion. Therefore, the detection of thermal fitness is an important index of blister packaging quality.

Test method: Select appropriate parameters for heat sealing according to the specific reference standard, and use this tool to heat seal the composite PVC and PVDC composite hard sheet and aluminum foil, and cut the specimen to a width of 15mm. Take the middle three pieces and peel them off with a tension machine at 180° (specific implementation of the treatment standard for detection). What needs to be done for the peel is the thermal strength.

The base of blister packaging is usually made of medical aluminum foil. Medical aluminum foil vacuum is a small hole in the aluminum foil, which directly affects the protection of the final package.

Test method: under specified conditions and lamp source, the light transmittance of aluminum foil pinholes is used to observe the number of pinholes and measure the size of pinholes. According to the standard, no more than 0.3 mm diameter holes per square meter and no more than 1 hole diameter between 0,1 and 0.3 mm shall be allowed.

Testing instruments: In industry, testing is usually done with instruments that measure openings in aluminum foil.

If the intrinsic quality of medical aluminum foil is low, it will often break, affecting the printing and coating process. If the aluminum foil is broken in the drying tube of the press, usually due to the high temperature of the drying tube, it needs to be cooled before it can be opened, affecting the production schedule. In the process of use, users may be plagued by excessive burst strength, if the burst strength is too low, may lead to bubble burst, resulting in drug failure, so it is necessary to aluminum foil burst strength test.

Test methods: Three 40mm×400mm sample sheets were separated on the aluminum foil fracture strength meter, and the determination results were no less than 98Pka.

Testing instruments: In industry, fully automatic fracture strength testing instruments are usually used for testing.


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