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Blister packaging for the application of milk tablets

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Blister packaging for the application of milk tablets

Milk slice is a product made of milk powder, vegetable cream, whey powder and sucrose after extrusion. At present, the vast majority of milk tablets are packaged as flat blister packs, which play an important role in storage and transportation.

The packaging of blister plastic, also known as aluminum-plastic packaging (pressure packaging), is made by blanking and cutting the contents of the blister under certain pressure, temperature and time to form a vacuum (breathing) blister plastic or aluminum blister plastic shape, seal and substrate. Most of the covering materials are aluminum foil roll electrolytic aluminum. It is the most widely used metal material in packaging, non-toxic and tasteless, with excellent moistureproof, moistureproof, preservation, light resistance, so that the contents get more effective protection. After single-sided printing, the aluminum foil is coated with a protective layer, and the unprinted aluminum foil is coated with an adhesive to facilitate thermal bonding with the foam-covered material. The main function of the protective layer is to prevent the oxidation deterioration of the aluminum foil surface, prevent the paint layer from falling off, and prevent the aluminum foil content from contacting with the adhesive during the mechanical winding process. The main function of adhesive is to meet the sealing performance of bubble wrap, which requires uniform coating on aluminum foil. Blow-cover molding materials are mainly PVC or PVDC hard film. Although PVC materials in water vapor, gas and light barrier is significantly different from PVDC, but the more important advantage is that the price is not particularly expensive, sensitive light on the impact of oxygen content in water, aluminum PVC is sufficient.

Milk tablets are high in protein and fat, and if not properly stored, they are easily oxidized and leached, resulting in a decrease in nutritional value and even forming odors and clumps that make them difficult to eat. In order to ensure a longer shelf life of milk tablets and avoid the above problems, it is necessary to use high barrier packaging materials and excellent sealing technology to protect milk tablets.


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