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Blister packaging machine character printing

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Blister packaging machine character printing

Word using the utility model for steel box and steel words in print have been heated to a certain temperature, the recycling cylinder movement driven shock ribbon steel word, steel words printed characters to be printed on, so increased the ribbon printing ink to be printed the caking ability of things, at the same time with color ink can be used more bright-coloured color, color to distinguish be printed material, Even if the background color of the printed object is light or reflective.

Furthermore, the placement of an overrunning clutch helps the ribbon not to be reprinted. Overrunning clutch itself nature is its inner shaft between the outer axis is unidirectional rotation, reply when the cylinder movement (impact with ribbon in the opposite direction), driving steel type box back movement, set on the thimble contradicting the shifter lever, outside the shifter lever and the clutch shaft is fixed edge, so it drive shaft rotation, within the outer shaft drive shaft rotation, because of inner shaft around the ribbon, The inner axis will pull the ribbon over a certain distance; When the cylinder moves forward (to the impact direction of the ribbon), the spring force is used to reverse the rotation of the lever, and the outer shaft beyond the clutch is also reversed rotation, while the inner shaft will not reverse rotation with the outer shaft, the ribbon will not reverse traction.

So as long as the stroke of the cylinder is controlled by a certain displacement, the ribbon will also be pulled over a fixed distance, and the ribbon will not be repeatedly printed, which ensures clear writing and thick color.


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