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Blister packaging machine component maintenance

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Blister packaging machine component maintenance

Molding die roll, formwork, tensile membrane, sealing, sealing roller, feed roller is an important component of the blister packaging machine, such as the storage and use process must pay special attention to cleaning and maintenance don't contact with acid, alkali or other corrosive substances don't knock against scratching the surface replacement should pay attention to clean the face, and the trace oil in normal working conditions to prevent dry friction will often oil. When there is dirt in the reticulations on the sealing roller and board surface, copper brush shall be used to clean the reticulations. Steel brush shall not be used to avoid damaging the reticulations.

Before the filling mechanism is used, the packed objects should be cleaned to prevent irregular materials and sundries from sticking or waste plates during the filling process.

Blister packaging machine after all the normal mold adjustment must be advanced to run blister normal car before production. After each work must pay attention to cut off the power supply in time.

The rotating parts of the transmission system of the blister packing machine should be regularly filled with lubricating grease, and the air control system, water cooling system, vacuum system and electric control system should be in good working condition to keep the water and air channels unimpeded.

Take care that the rotating conductive system of the sealing roller does not fall into metal fragments and other conductive sundries, so as not to cause short circuit and burn out the electrical components.

When the blister pack is not in use for a long time, the water stored in the cavity of the molding, heat sealing and other relevant components should be discharged in time, and the inner and outer surfaces should be wiped clean with a rubbing cloth to prevent corrosion and damage.


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