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Blister packaging machine connected to the chiller installation

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Blister packaging machine connected to the chiller installation

Please check whether the machine is damaged during installation, and select the appropriate location for installation and maintenance.

The installation position of the equipment shall be base plate, mounting pad or base plate. The horizontal plane shall not exceed the horizontal standard and shall be able to bear the working weight of the equipment.

At normal room temperature, the machine has enough indoor space around and above the room to carry out the daily maintenance of the unit.

There should be a space at one end of the unit for the exhaust pipe to be removed from the capacitor.

Select suitable pipe diameter, cooling system and cold water system and connect them correctly when the unit is running at high power.

Under normal working conditions, the flow rate through the evaporator and condenser is between the allowable standard range.

The flow of water should be stable under all load conditions.

All cooling water and cooling piping shall be designed and installed in accordance with the usual methods. The cooling water pump shall be installed in the inlet pipe of the unit to ensure the positive pressure and flow rate within the unit. The line shall be equipped with shock absorbers to ensure sufficient elasticity and prevent the evaporator water from draining out when the pump stops.


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