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Blister packaging machine cover material

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Blister packaging machine cover material

Aluminum foil is the main composition of the cover material, but also the packaging material with excellent barrier performance. The pinhole is the fatal defect of its penetrability. In the packaging, transportation and storage process of milk sheet, it is inevitable to rub and squeeze, so that the pinhole aperture or range of aluminum foil material increases, and there will be obvious creases. These places will cause the accelerated penetration of gas and water vapor, affecting the stability of aluminum foil material barrier performance.

In general, two methods can be used to accurately assess the pinhole condition and barrier properties of cap material. One is to use the rubbing test instrument to apply the rubbing behavior that may be encountered in the circulation process of the cover mouth material, and the number of pinholes of the cover mouth material can be quickly tested by turpentine. The second is to test the barrier properties of the cover material before and after rubbing, and directly reflect the change of the barrier properties of the material according to the change of the data. The above scientific quantitative test is conducive to the objective evaluation of the anti-rubbing performance and packaging adaptability of the cap material, and provides a convincing data reference for the selection of the cap material.

Bubble cover packaging is composed of cap material and formed bubble cover. Affected by the production process, technology, equipment and many uncertain factors, the overall barrier performance of bubble cover packaging can not simply be regarded as the superposition of the barrier performance of the two materials, but needs to be verified by the test. Taking water vapor barrier as an example, two kinds of common bubble cover base materials and finished bubble cover were selected for testing, numbered 1#PVC and 2#PVC/PVDC respectively, and no obvious defects were found.


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