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Blister packaging machine feeding filling

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Blister packaging machine feeding filling

Elastic yellow hose is stainless steel filament winding dense hose, commonly used ten to make the capsule aluminum bubble cover packaging, the inner diameter of the tube is slightly larger than the outer diameter of the capsule, can ensure that the tube only storage single row of capsules. Attention should be paid to ensure that the hose does not bend, so as to ensure the smooth flow of the cavity in the tube. Usually, with the help of the vibration of the whole machine, the hose shakes itself, so that the cavity can be stored in the lower exit. There are many forms of spring mechanism, can use ratchet, intermittent toggle spring opening and closing, and ensure that each lift once, only release a capsule, can also use the gap reciprocating motion opening and closing spring, release a capsule at a time. In the mechanism setting, there is usually a row of hoses with an intermittent mechanism to ensure linkage.

Inspection using artificial or photoelectric detection table installed in the feeder force in time to check the drug filling situation, in order to manually patch or pick up excess pills. The more commonly used is the use of rotary soft brush, in the plastic film forward, accompanied by a slow push sweep. Because the soft brush works closely with the plastic film, the excess pellets are always going to fill the concave bubble direction, and because the soft brush pushes the button, the vacant concave bubble will also be filled with drug particles.

In the printed aluminum plastic package, the drug name, manufacturer, taking method and other notes that should be reminded to patients should be printed on the aluminum foil. The above printing is carried out before the aluminum foil is introduced into the machine as a roll to be pressed with the plastic film. On the machine to aluminum foil printing mechanism also need a series of such as ink wheel, steel wheel, printing plate and other mechanisms.


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