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Blister packaging machine forming is not good how to do?

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Blister packaging machine forming is not good how to do?

If there is a whole row or a regular column or more columns of bubble bubble forming, forming is not full, it needs to be checked from the following aspects.

(1) Whether the temperature of the heating plate does not reach the set value before molding, check whether the temperature setting is not enough or the heating temperature is too high, resulting in PVC stretching thin and forming air leakage;

(2) before forming, the heating plate is not parallel to the forming mold or the distance between the heating plate and the forming mold exceeds the distance of the plate bubble cap;

(3) The heated PVC runs with the lower mold, resulting in the cold shrinkage of PVC;

(4) forming the upper and lower heating plates are not parallel to each other, resulting in uneven heating at one end.

(5) whether the compressed air formed by positive pressure is clean and dry, whether the pressure is lower than 0.4Mpa during operation, and whether the pipeline has abnormal loss;

(6) the pressure of the plate positive pressure forming die is insufficient or the PVC belt is not clamped parallel to check whether there is air leakage.


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