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Blister packaging machine mesh problem

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Blister packaging machine mesh problem

In the hot sealing process of flat type aluminum foam cover packaging, PVC and aluminum foil are made of parallel flat heat sealing plate and mesh plate in the same plane under certain temperature and pressure to complete the hot sealing. The contact between the heat sealing plate and the mesh plate is planar contact, and the pressure required is relatively large.

The following problems should be solved when the heat sealing mesh is not clear, the depth of mesh is different, and the running of PVC belt causes crush-bubbles during thermal sealing:

(1) Whether the aluminum foil is a qualified product, and whether the thermal bonding surface is coated with the required thermal sol;

(2) whether the temperature of the heating device is too high or too low;

(3) PVC belt or aluminum foil running whether there is abnormal resistance;

(4) Whether the heat sealing mold is qualified, whether the surface is smooth and smooth, and whether the bubble cap formed by PVC belt can be fitted into the holes of the heat sealing roller (plate);

(5) the anilox roller (plate) on the anilox is clear grain, consistent depth;

(6) Whether the cooling system of the heat sealing die works normally and effectively;

(7) whether the pressure required for heat sealing is normal;

(8) whether the heat sealing roller (plate) and anilox roller (plate) are parallel.


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