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Blister packaging machine molding mode

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Blister packaging machine molding mode

There are two ways of bubble cap forming, namely pressure molding and blister molding. Compression molding is to use compressed air to blow the softening sheet to the mold, so that it is close to the four walls of the mold. The mold adopts flat shape, generally for intermittent transmission, can also be used for continuous transmission, its molding quality is good, suitable for both deep and shallow bubble cover.

In blister molding, the softening sheet is adsorbed on the four walls of the mold by means of vacuumizing to form holes in the bubble cap. The shape of the cylinder is mainly used for continuous transmission. Due to the limited suction generated by vacuum and the limited Angle of the bubble cap from the cylinder after forming, the mold is only suitable for shallow bubble cap and thin materials.

Blister packaging machine according to the degree of automation, there are semi-automatic packaging machine, automatic packaging machine and automatic production line three. Because the blister packaging of medicine production batch is large, the variety is relatively fixed, and the safety and health requirements, so it is appropriate to use automatic production line. During the automatic operation, in addition to completing the packaging process, the printing, packing manual, packing and other processes can also be connected with the packaging line to form a fully automated bubble cap packaging production line.


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