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Blister packaging machine molding prone to problems

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Blister packaging machine molding prone to problems

Forming air leakage, high noise, first forming leveling, inching control screen, when the molding upper mold at the low point to stop, and then the lower mold fitting on the mold, and keep all sides equal to further pre-tightening, later adjustment in the pre-tightening process should not only maintain no air leakage or less air leakage, but also ensure that the molding noise is not too big.

Shape encoder parameters adjustment, inching, when the upper and lower mold just fitting immediately stop, you can try several times, find a suitable point. There are encoder synchronization values in the upper right corner of the control screen.

Molding adjustment, point, when the mould and lower mould has 0.5 mm clearance stop or be asked in the mold put a layer of PVC, then the mould joint on the mould, and then through the PVC plate, heat, running at a speed of 25 to 35 cut/min, which Angle is the bolt tightening the Angle of leak until not leak, of course, if the adjustment bolt tight then forming of the noise, the greater the on the basis of not shape ring forming minimize bolt fastening and molding pressure seal is simply the minimum bolt pre-tightening force.

Molding mold disassembly and maintenance problems, forming dies often removed, so prone to die cut, or powder iron into mould lead to mold damage or block mold vent, if found a scar, forming the PVC surface forming suddenly leak, or random shape pattern, considering there are impurities in the mold, if it is found that is always a bubble forming when not in full to molding vent may be blocked.

The forming bubble is not full. If the forming bubble is not full, it should be observed whether the bubble on the four sides of the mold or the bubble in the middle of the mold is not full. If the bubble on the four sides of the mold is not full, it should be checked whether the heating plate is not tightly closed and there is a gap leading to insufficient heating on both sides of PVC; The second dye such as forming gas leakage and leakage is in the direction of the heating plate, can also blow away the heating plate heat and PVC uneven heating cause bubbles full: if it is 3 mould should be observed when heated in the middle of the bubble is not full of PVC in the process of running traction is posted under the cooling of the mold, because after heated very soft PVC, traction is asked in PVC will droop, drooping if too much will contact cooling of the mold, at this time will be fast cooling and heating of PVC lead to PVC hardening lead forming is not full; The thickness of PVC is not uniform, there may be irregular bubble shape is not full, this is to increase the temperature can solve the problem: the fifth summer room temperature is higher than the winter room temperature, the heating temperature of the heating plate also has a slight fluctuation caused by the bubble bubble is not full, increasing the temperature of the heating plate can eliminate the problem; Sixth, if there is suddenly one or two blister always forming bad, and fixed, then stop the machine to check whether the mold vent is blocked! If it is blocked, just use a piece of steel less than 0.5mm in diameter. Remember not to scratch the mold.

Forming bubbles is not a straight line, first to see if the bubbles in a straight line, if there is no point move to upper and lower mould 3 a 5 mm can be separately, then loosen the mould on the fixed handle, gently rotate on mould, PVC toward the side inclined to rotate in the opposite direction, adjust the boot up again after forming, until in a straight line, after the mold tool as a benchmark by qi.

When the equipment is in normal operation, the forming bubbles suddenly are not full, the sealing lines are not clear, and when the sound of air pressure blowing becomes smaller, stop the machine immediately to check whether the air pressure of the main source is lower than 0.5mpa.


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