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Blister packaging machine operation sequence

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Blister packaging machine operation sequence

1. Conditions before work: the last production clearance is qualified, and the indoor temperature and humidity are qualified. Personnel hygienic dress qualified. The machine is in good condition.

2. Preparation before packaging: prepare the hard sheet, aluminum foil and active drug (such as powder and granule) suitable for the packaging capsule before packaging. The cooling water system is supplied by normal circulation.

3. Special personnel are responsible for checking the power supply line: use the power supply under safe and normal conditions. Check whether the machine is normal, such as smooth running, running sound is abnormal, running parts are smooth and smooth. Whether the fixed parts are loose and so on. Make a thorough and careful examination. To ensure the normal and safe packaging of the machine.

4. Procedures, methods and precautions: Strictly follow the instructions of the machine. Special personnel shall be responsible for the operation and inspection of machine lubricating oil, packaging material loading, preheating (temperature, time) and the state after operation.

5. mold adjustment and replacement: to the mold related sprocket, punching mechanism and other parts of the adjustment and replacement, the adjustment of the heat sealing wheel, the replacement of the production batch number, the replacement of the heating pipe and temperature sensor by specially trained and accurate operation of full-time personnel, and check the running status to ensure good and normal operation.

6. fault and troubleshooting: find fault in time to stop. Report to the person in charge of production for the elimination of professional and full-time personnel.

7.electrical maintenance please professional operator non-professional personnel are strictly prohibited to contact the power supply system, in order to ensure personal and mechanical safety.

8. Clear the field in time after the packaging of this batch of drugs. Clean up the raw and auxiliary materials, packaging materials, semi-finished products and finished products of this batch of drugs, mechanically clean and clean them and get the acceptance and approval of the quality supervisor, put up the qualified mark and make clearance records.

9. Mechanical maintenance, maintenance and repair shall be carried out according to the operation rules of equipment use and repair. Someone is in charge. Make records to ensure the equipment is in normal operation.


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