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Blister packaging machine plate brush feeding

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Blister packaging machine plate brush feeding

Blister packaging machine, including transport system and between the transport system is set up to protect the most important system of protective barriers, a transportation system, medicine plate activity configuration on the wall on either side of the roller, the corresponding list mentioned in the various kinds of holes on the blackboard, the groove of the hole and the medicine plate one-to-one correspondence, in vertical fixed protection has some brush, brush the rotation of the motor, this paper introduces the through the duct connected to the storage of the pot, the configuration output port are aluminum-plastic film, bubble film, adhesive between the diaphragm.

Existing blister machine placed in drugs, especially the panels set scraper, through scraping board drugs into the groove, when grooves around just have agents can realize the medicament into the slots, otherwise not from drugs into some of the slots, leading to can't ensure that factories evenly placed in medicine threatening the problems that should be within the groove.

Describe the utility model engine active roller rotation, medicine plate movement, brush on the end face contact with baffle, brush in the rotation process will fall into the brush medicine pill on the baffle plate of the slots, aluminum-plastic film used in powder coating the pills with board, active roller, aluminum-plastic film, pressure roller are based on existing technology, by roller between medicine plate and aluminum-plastic film adhesive for sealing technology.

The utility model is provided with a baffle, and a rotating brush is arranged above the baffle to realize the uniform delivery of drugs through the brushing motion of drugs in each groove, and the baffle intercepts the excess drugs. Therefore, the utility model overcomes the problem that the existing blister machine cannot guarantee the uniform placement of drugs and needs to seal drugs.


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