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Blister packaging machine plate table problem

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Blister packaging machine plate table problem

Splicing is PVC docking station, at the same time, splicing machine has two cylinder controlled release of PVC and outage protection, when forming servo traction, clamping cylinder to loosen, when forming traction to pulling the end of the clip clamping cylinder PVC, PVC continue to prevent: pick up table with another cylinder is open when powered on, turn it off when closed, to prevent the PVC stick for a long time in the heating plate and the scorched, splicing stage and the third function is to adjust the position of the PVC when asymmetric PVC waste edge on both sides can adjust splicing machine block when bar to control the center of the PVC.

Splicing machine location prone to two problems, one question, after each sheet PVC in molding servo easily when wandering or fine, appear this kind of problem because of docking PVC edge is not neat, or butt paste transparent tape is not smooth, or is a splicing of retaining clip PVC is too tight a result of changes in PVC force will cause uneven, after heating of the PVC is easy to deformation, so cause PVC wandering or fine-drawn article because splicing machine block clashed with PVC docking position, PVC caused by severe changes. The first solution is to align the PVC each time the splicing, and paste the transparent tape should be flat to stick.

PVC forming there is a laminated phenomenon, which is generally empty plate, need to be reformed after segment splicing, waste of time and packaging materials. At this time, check whether the width of PVC baffle plate is 0.5 mm to 1 mm larger than the width of PVC. If the width of the jointing table and PVC is too large, it will cause THE PVC to move around in series. At the same time, it may cause THE PVC to form an arc before forming the mold due to the inertia of traction. After the mold is pressed, it will form a laminated layer.

The PVC is pulled thin or the PVC running track of the molding servo is shifted left and right. Check whether the width of PVC baffle is larger than that of PVC. Splicing table bar is too tight will pull thin PVC, resulting in PVC too narrow unqualified products, and after splicing prone to the above problems.


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