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Blister packaging machine procedures

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Blister packaging machine procedures

1. Open the green indicator button, and open the upper, lower and heat seal respectively at the working position. This thermometer controls the forming temperature, the second thermometer controls the heat seal, and the forming and upper and lower heat seal of the temperature preset temperature regulator.

2. During the compression molding of the low induction roller, the temperature of the heating plate is mainly in the position. Before starting the machine, change the shape of the PVC blister plastic according to the mold base, and observe whether the air cylinder seal has the heat of aluminum foil, which will lead to blanking. Notice if the plastic moves left or right. In case of deviation, the movement direction of roller seat should be adjusted.

3. Moderately open the feeder switch after the hot sealing and blanking is normal, so that the packing items enter the feeder. If any product is brought into the hot sealing mold, the synchronization will be affected, and it must be stopped for processing before the aluminum foil sealing.

4. As the weight of the drug increases, the tension of the foil and the temperature of the machine will gradually change, which may cause the forming and heat sealing to be out of sync, premature or delayed. First check that there is no partition between plastic PVC and aluminum foil, and then adjust with the fine-tuning mechanism of the machine. The trimming mechanism is adjusted to the rear of the die according to the adjusting distance or the shell before and after the adjustment. Before starting the machine, it should be placed in the middle position and moved back and forth. You can also set the front box body, and then move it correctly. After more than ten blocks have been completed, it will be correct.

5. The heat sealing quality of plastic and aluminum foil (uniform and flat) depends on whether the temperature or the pressure plate is correct. In case of bad heating, the temperature is correct and the pressure leveling temperature is slightly lower.

6. Blanking out of position, stop and move the manual adjustment box.

7. In daily operation knowledge, working operation to understand the structure principle is to understand the roller of CAM transmission rod holder, up and down stroke, pay attention to the forming die and heat seal, fix and tighten the column nut, if not pay attention to easy failure.


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