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Blister packaging machine process

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Blister packaging machine process

Under the mold base and mold are fixed connection on the stand together, and on the mold in the rotation of the CAM driven by vertical movement, when the upper and lower die together, through the channel of mold base to the cavity into the compressed air blowing, aluminum-plastic film under the action of compressed air blown into the blister, plate type blister packaging machine adopts plate heat sealing method, on the sealing plate with heater, sealing up and down a checkered plate, due to the plate sealing contact area is large, in order to under pressure in a given system can sealing strong, so the sealing plate coated with pressure cylinder, the work, the sealing plate, the sealing plate under the action of the up and down along the vertical direction, complete sealing function.

Cutting is at the end of a process, it is bring continuous forming membrane sealing printed according to the preset number and arrangement form into fixed single plate cutting, punching device is intermittent, intermittent into this device of bubble film provided by the servo device, cutting good plate away, after cutting waste produced by waste away.


Blister packaging machine has developed rapidly in recent years. Film heating, plastic forming, aluminum foil heat sealing, typing and embossing, plate blanking and so on are the main operating procedures of blister packaging.

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