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Blister packaging machine use process adjustment

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Blister packaging machine use process adjustment

First of all, adjust the forming box body, adjust the synchronization of forming, hot sealing and punching. Loosen the lock nut at the bottom of the box, turn the handwheel to make the box move horizontally, adjust the box to the desired position, and tighten the nut.

Adjust the forming mold to align with the guide rail, keep the level, and make THE PVC pull through the guide rail.

Adjust the upper mold, adjust the PVC position, adjust the alignment of the upper and lower molds, loosen the circular surface of the nut and the upper plate to separate completely, tighten the four nuts respectively to make the upper and lower molds completely match, and then rotate the nut to the bottom of the forming fixing plate.

Adjust the lower heat sealing box, loosen the lock nut on the base, turn the handwheel, make the lower heat sealing box move horizontally according to the instruction of the staff, adjust the heat sealing position, and adjust the lock nut after adjustment.

Loosen the die screw and adjust the die to ensure that the die bubble cover is evenly placed on the die. Tighten the compression screw after adjustment.

Place the nut under the break point under the raised die form, adjust the uniform position of the upper and lower round nuts on the four posts, move the die plate up and down, and close the round head die column after adjustment. Inching the upper and lower parts, pull the aluminum to the hot sealing area, keep it with PVC plastic board, start to close, observe the hot sealing situation of the mold, repeatedly adjust, until good welding effect is achieved.


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