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Blister packaging material adhesive

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Blister packaging material adhesive

Blister packaging is the main packaging form of solid dosage form of health food and medicine in China. Among them, the medicinal aluminum foil is pure industrial aluminum foil as the base material, on the surface of the printed word pattern and coated with protective agent, and on the other side coated with adhesive. The purpose of coating protective agent is to prevent the surface printing ink layer wear, but also to prevent aluminum foil winding, outer ink and inner adhesive contact caused by drug contamination. The purpose of the adhesive is to bond the aluminum foil to the plastic sheet, so that the drug is sealed. Currently used adhesives are mainly divided into single component glue and two component glue. The components of single component glue are mainly natural rubber and nitrocellulose fiber, acrylate fees, because the main agent is an elastomer, coupled with adhesives as additives, with organic solvents into emulsion, it has dry, hot melt and a certain bonding strength. With the improvement of hygienic requirements for drug packaging materials, the dosage of this single-component adhesive gradually decreased. And more use of two-component polyurethane adhesive, which is mainly composed of the main agent and curing agent. The main agent generally contains a lot of active hydrogen, such as hydroxyl, amino and other substances, and the curing agent is composed of multiple isocyanate compounds. When the isocyanester group in the curing agent contacts with the active hydrogen in the main agent molecule, the addition reaction will be automatically carried out to form the structure of carbamate. After the combination of the main agent and curing agent, the molecular weight increases exponentially, and the crosslinking product with stereoscopic conformation with branched chain structure is formed, which has good resistance to high and low temperature, medium erosion resistance and high adhesion. Because polyurethane molecules contain a large number of polar groups, a large dipole moment, has a great affinity for the adhesive material, so it plays a binding role on aluminum foil, plastic and other printing materials. Due to the good adhesion of this adhesive, it has been widely used in aluminum foil printing coating bonding and printing and compounding of this kind of plastic film. Adhesives used in aluminum foil printing to develop in the direction of no solvent, its composition is also a two-component polyurethane type, the difference is the main agent and curing agent in the viscosity at room temperature is higher, but still have liquidity, a curing agent, mixed in proportion in gravure roll with heat insulation function, apply to the aluminum foil substrate, coating not only after bake, heat drying, because without any solvent, Can be directly bonded with another substrate. The use of solvent-free adhesive does not have the problem of exhaust emissions, and does not need to be equipped with a huge drying channel heating and drying and air exhaust device in the printing and coating equipment. Foreign countries have adopted this adhesive because of high attention to environmental protection.

In a word, drug blister packaging is a very special commodity packaging in the field of packaging. It must not only have various excellent properties of packaging, but also have the function of maintaining the curative effect of drugs. As a drug packaging, aluminum foam has the advantages of beautiful, light, gas resistance, light resistance, so that it becomes a star in the drug packaging materials. As a manufacturer of pharmaceutical PTP packaging materials, selecting high-quality thick materials before printing is the prerequisite for producing products that satisfy users. The quality of printing materials such as aluminum foil and ink is related to the quality of products. In order to avoid quality problems, raw materials must be tested and controlled before printing. With the improvement of people's awareness of health care, aluminum-plastic blister packaging of drugs has penetrated into everyone's life, and is taking on an important packaging mission for human health.


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