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Blister packaging material characteristics

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Blister packaging material characteristics

PTP plastic board is the most commonly used PVC board. Although PVC has a lot of advantages, such as good quality, low price, but in the moisture-proof, mildew-proof, water-proof, anti-oxidation and other aspects are not very good. In addition, the production or use of PVC has a long-term impact on both the environment and biology. In the preparation of PVC plastics, the main problem is the polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer, such as vinyl chloride monomer additive, plasticizer, stabilizer and so on. PVC incineration process products such as dioxins hydrochloride. Hydrochloric acid produced after PVC decomposition has a certain impact on the environment, and its monomer, plasticizer and stabilizer are harmful to human body. At present, foreign developed countries began to ban and restrict the use of PVC bubble packaging, the need for new packaging plastic bubble must be synonym, oxygen and water, good performance to ensure the effectiveness of drugs do not oxidize deterioration, calcium chloride, mold, etc., especially Chinese medicine, especially the most sensitive. In order to improve the defects of PVC, we are currently producing PVC composite sheet for application. This kind of composite board is mainly made of PVC rigid board and a kind of or a variety of new polymer material, film and board, through extrusion, composite, coating and other methods of production. For example, PVC and PVDC, PVC and PE or PVC/PE/PVDC, etc. He integrates hard PVC leaves with good hardness and good education, good barrier to steam, oxygen, carbon dioxide gas and a variety of odors, to meet the packaging requirements of the drug and some need to retain the odor. At the same time, the use of these rigid composite plates continues to adopt the primary aluminum bubble wrap packaging form, packaging equipment and process.

Plastic blister packaging glue, glue is a single component of pressure sensitive adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive main ingredients including resin adhesive (including natural rubber, synthetic rubber, cellulose, poly (acrylate, etc.), repair (including resin, resin, petroleum resin, epoxy resin, phenolic resin, etc.) and plasticizer (including chlorinated paraffin, benzodiazepines:), protective agent, stabilizer, polymer crosslinking agent, colorant, and packaging. At present, the pressure sensitive adhesive used for flexible pharmaceutical packaging composites has been replaced by polyurethane adhesive, mainly ester soluble polyurethane adhesive. These adhesives are two-component adhesives, which are mainly made of hydroxyl polyurethane polyols, polyether or polyester polyols, polyesters, and aromatic polyisocyanates. The curing agent is the compound of aromatic isocyanates and trimethylpropane. The adhesive has excellent properties, mature technology and various varieties. But it is toxic, high cost, discharge a lot of solvents, cause environmental pollution. Alcohol-soluble polyurethane adhesive takes industrial alcohol as the solvent, with low production cost, good hygienic performance, harmless to human body and no pollution to the environment. Disadvantages are stubborn 100℃, unpackaged products highly corrosive. Another kind of adhesive is waterborne polyurethane adhesive, which has water-soluble or dispersive solvent. Its advantage is that water can replace organic solvent, no combustion risk, low cost. But the adhesion is poor.


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