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Blister packaging material development

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Blister packaging material development

Drug packaging is an important aspect of drug processing and quality assurance. Because of the increasing requirements on the safety, quality and shelf life of drugs, the pharmaceutical industry has increasingly higher requirements on packaging. Modern drug packaging should not only meet the needs of consumers to ensure the quality, freshness and safety of drugs, but also play an important role in preventing corruption, drug poisoning and raising awareness in the context of the emergence of new packaging concepts.

At present, the demand for blister packaging materials in China's medical industry has the following trends: the exclusivity of anti-counterfeiting packaging; The anti-counterfeiting of various packaging materials is more conducive to promoting the production of customized packaging products; Anti-bubble packaging must be clear, clear, simple and feasible for the patient.

The overall quality of medical aluminum foil in China is obviously different from that of imported aluminum foil. The number of holes of medical aluminum tube needle is lower than the requirement of national standard for the use of medical aluminum foil. The diameter of holes shall not exceed 3 mm, and the diameter of holes exceeding 3 mm shall not exceed 1 country per square meter. Today, it rarely meets that standard. The uneven thickness of medical aluminum foil makes it difficult to obtain a suitable adhesive volume in the printing process, which affects the tolerance of thermal sealing layer of aluminum foil and plastic film. After the application of tension on the drum, due to the low tensile strength, it will lead to paper breakage, making it difficult to print normal expansion. These are issues that require the attention of raw material manufacturers.

In China is still the use of rigid PVC foaming materials now, the United States and Europe are restricted or prohibited to use, mainly because PVC PVC in many aspects of the human body on the environment has a certain impact, barrier is not ideal. PET has good isolation, transparency, antibacterial, cold resistance and low toxicity, and is convenient for drug protection and preservation. Pp transparent, transparent, non-toxic, recyclable; PE is transparent, non-toxic and recyclable. Coc has good thermal sealing performance, but due to its own rupture, it is often compounded with PP to facilitate shape maintenance. Suitable for most high performance thermoforming equipment :ALCAR composites do not adhere to the die and can be coated or uncoated on the die surface, but the high friction coefficient complicates the die design.


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